Is it a choice?

This is a question that I have been pondering on today after discussion on facebook. We’ve all heard that argument on non-heterosexuality about it not being a choice and it being something we can’t help. Sometimes people do the same for non-monogamy and talk about it being a choice.  There does seem to be this tendency to compare polyamory to sexuality, after all you could technically label it under the parachute term “sexuality” if you really wanted to… but I don’t think it’s quite as simple to compare being poly to being gay. At first glance you can see the similarities – gay people are in the minority against straight people, poly people are similarly outnumbered by the norm. However, if you boil it down to simple desires things seem a little different.

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We recently had our boyfriend visit us for a few days and it’s made me question a few things about myself. So I’m going to talk a little bit about, in a very broad sense, my sexuality. And by ‘a broad sense’ I mean I’m not exclusively talking about gender here (like the word usually suggests), it’s more general than that. I feel like I may have covered some of these topics before… but I don’t want to disturb my flow by looking back right now. So forgive me if there is tautology.

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Reasons to be polyamorous

Ok… so this is a humungous topic, but I’ve always wanted to somehow cover all the arguments I’ve accumulated over the years for polyamory. So this is probably more for me than anyone else… but I feel like there are just so many things to cover and why shouldn’t I share it? I wasn’t holding back in this post, so some of my opinions may sound a little harsh, or maybe not. They’re just opinions, everyone has them

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