Notable Posts

This page is for anyone new to the blog looking for somewhere to start. Since wordpress doesn’t have a decent archive function [shakes fist] this will have to do. To get you started, here are 8 of what I’d say are some of my best posts on here:

OpenCon 2012

A collection of my thoughts regarding my experience at the 2012 OpenCon  (read post)

Mystery: The Unhealthy Romantic Ideal

Why I think it’s not so fun to glorify the idea of “mystery” (read post)

On Being Forward

My  perspective on being open and direct with people I am interested in (read post)


My thoughts on the social constructs and ideologies surrounding the word “emotional” and how that might intersect with feminism. (read post)

Making The Effort

Some of my thoughts about putting time and effort into maintaining and nurturing relationships (read post)

Jealousy as a symptom of monogamy

My theory about the source of this concept of jealousy in our society (read post)

You can have it all

A response to some relatively ignorant discussion of polyamory on daytime TV in the UK (read post)


A slightly controversial angle on the argument about poly vs. mono  (read post)


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