I know I’m supposed to write this in the third person, but screw that.

I’m Tess (as you may have guessed). When I started this blog it was more for me than anyone else, but since then I’ve discovered evernote and write down a lot of my uncensored thoughts there. But the idea of being so open about personal things online kinda stayed with me (go and read my first post).

I could be writing a blog providing insights into society etc without focussing on me, but I feel like it’s less presumptuous (and more honest) to just say “Hey, this is what I found out about myself” on the off chance that someone might be the same way. Although, I do like to share my theories on polyamory/relationships/gender/social structures etc from time to time. I suppose they can be slightly more collaborative…

People censor themselves a lot online so that they’re this shiny, cultured, best version of themselves – and it’s hard not to do that a little. But it’s kinda in my personality to be unusually open about particularly personal things, so in favour of being myself – I’ll just do this the way it comes most naturally to me. Some are bound to think I’m over-emotional*, or self-centred, or egotistical etc. But I’m just going to try and ignore that, I know there are plenty out there who do appreciate the same things in me that I love about myself – and that is a more satisfying accomplishment than twisting yourself into the shape that people think you should fit. Those lot are a negative bunch anyway – who says you’ll ever please ’em?

*I’m not really convinced “over-emotional” is a bad thing personally – I think you can be emotional, and bad at dealing with those feelings. Or emotional and express it at inappropriate times. But that’s to do with how you deal with your feelings, not the feelings themselves. You can’t control the way you feel, the best you can do is be honest about it if you ask me!


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