Absence & Introspections

I’ve not written in here for a while, and I feel like I left it on a low note – so apologies to any readers for that. I considered taking this blog down at one point, I’m worried it isn’t how I feel about things anymore – but I’m yet to go and read over, so I think that might just be what happens when you leave a creative endeavour to simmer for a period of time.

I’ve done a lot of introspection over the last few months, but most of my (as I now call it) “Processing” has ended up on my evernote, to be seen by no-one… or to be one day hastily sent to a girlfriend… or ex girlfriend :-p

However, I did recently post a new User Manual on my okcupid for the world to see. My old one (for those of you who saw it) was starting to feel a little irrelevant. I’m not sure if this is actually any better, or any more personal to me. The wife says it seems like common sense stuff. And I’m not sure I put enough effort into it really. I do, however, like the User Manual-ness of it all, it’s all organised and stuff lol… But I’m all sorts of torn. So opinions would be appreciated, if there is anyone reading this.



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