My exhibitionist side

Every now and then I like to post things on my journal at OkCupid, but lately I’ve been thinking that I should make it a little more formal – that way maybe I’ll be more inclined to think of things and say to myself “hey, maybe I should put that on my blog”.

My ‘journal’ over at okc at the moment is… well it’s pretty personal. There’s a part of me that enjoys doing away with what should be considered ‘private’ and just laying it all out for the world to see. I’m not afraid of what people will think, and I’m not out to shock. It’s just personal stuff, and I enjoy being open about things. There’s a voice in my head now saying “Who wants to read about my personal journey through life? Wouldn’t that just be a bit boring?”, so I’m going to treat this blog like no-one’s really reading it. And I suppose it’s quite possible that no-one will, and that’s ok too.

This will just be a space where I can write down all my thoughts and opinions. I’m one of those people that feels a little more in control of my life if I can organise things in the written word. I have a bit of a problem with expressing my thoughts / feelings / beliefs / views when I’m just talking. People have pointed out in the past (and I completely agree) that when I start to write things down, that’s when my thoughts truly come to life and people can understand much better – and maybe I can understand much better – how I actually see things. So I keep thinking to myself that I should write stuff down more often, and here I am – because it seems a little less pointless to tell the whole of the internet how I think than to just tell a little blank book that I call my diary.

So this post might have been a little bit rambly and maybe even pointless… but you know what? I kinda like it that way.


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